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Chase Nedrow Manufacturing was founded in 1980 by James (Jim) Chase and Charles (Skip) Nedrow to specialize in the design and manufacture of precast refractory products. With the advancement of low moisture, low cement castables of the time, properties approaching that of pressed firebrick were possible using monolithic refractories.Today, with the development of even newer high-tech castables and our high firing capabilities up to 2400 °F, precast products are routinely replacing refractory brick within furnaces, making furnace turnarounds faster than ever.

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing Inc. Chase Nedrow Industries Inc.

Our journey began in 1976, with Charles (Skip) Nedrow founding the Nedrow Refractories Company Inc. to provide refractory construction services for a variety of commercial and industrial high temperature applications. Soon after, in order to better serve the industry, Skip partnered with James (Jim) Chase and established Chase Nedrow Companies. Chase-Nedrow Companies comprises two subsidiaries known as Chase Nedrow Industries and Chase Nedrow Manufacturing.  We specialize in supplying refractory products, refractory special shapes, installation services and Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings. Our offices, warehouse, and manufacturing facilities are located in Wixom, Michigan, which is approximately 40 miles northwest of Detroit. We were established in 1976 and concentrate our business primarily in the Midwest, however we service all areas of North America to satisfy our customers’ service requirements. Our management team has extensive experience in refractory servicing industries such as power generation, steel, foundry, process boilers, various chemical processing, and heat treating.

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing 

We are a second generation, family-owned manufacturer servicing all industries across the country. We are a full-service producer of precast refractory products; including design, mold manufacturing, and fabrication of integral metallic components. We also have our own on-site quality control lab and high firing capabilities to 2400 °F.

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Chase Nedrow Industries

Tasked with providing technology integration of new products and applications, along with material sales from multiple world class refractory suppliers, Emisshield high emissivity coatings, industrial air tools and other related products. We are an integral part of a unique and specialized network as a contractor, installer, distributor, and a qualified strategic partner with Emisshield Incorporated.

Custom-Made Excellence

Our experienced team of refractory experts work closely with each customer to select the best material based on their specific requirements. We use only the highest quality refractory products from trusted manufacturers to produce our precast products. Through the years we have cultivated strong relationships with our supplier partners, including many companies who we private label for. Quality control, continuous improvement, and setting the standard with the latest technology are all trademarks of our operations.

High Tech

Chase Nedrow Industries is pleased to offer Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings, a world-class technology. Originally developed by NASA, Emisshield saves energy while improving the transfer of radiant heat, resulting in shorter cycle times and greater productivity and improved refractory life. Now in our second generation of ownership, Chase Nedrow is positioned to continue growing while remaining a steadfast partner to all we serve. We are dedicated to producing superior products, meeting deadlines, and a total customer experience that exceeds expectations. We are proud to be partners with two of the largest refractory manufacturers in the world.
HarbisonWalker International

HarbisonWalker International

For over 40 years, Chase Nedrow Manufacturing has been part of a select network of Contractor / Installers with HarbisonWalker International.
Vesuvius USA

Vesuvius USA

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing is a charter member of a premier group of Contractor / Installer / Distributers for Vesuvius USA for the past 40 years.