We specialize in supplying refractory products, refractory special shapes, installation services and Emisshield High Emissivity Coatings.

Chase Nedrow Manufacturing provides fabrication, casting and relining for ladles, furnace doors, and metal transfer launders. Contact us today to engineer refractory solutions for your application.

Chase Nedrow fabricates and lines preheaters, ladle covers, tundish covers, and tundish furniture. We offer quick turnaround times, just-in-time capabilities, consistent quality, and have 40 plus years of service in the industry.

Chase Nedrow is the leading licensed Emisshield installer for the Ethanol Industry.

We create custom designed and manufactured furnace components including, but not limited to, roller blocks, lintils, pre-cast jams & sills, and burner blocks. We have the ability to create a complete precast furnace lining customized to your needs. Our precast shapes offer quicker turnaround times, reduced downtime, and lower costs without sacrificing reliability.

We create custom designed and manufactured precast nose rings and lifters. Chase Nedrow is dedicated to finding the best, most appropriate material to fit your needs.

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